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People-Centered Infrastructure

We have scoured the world and curated easily-maintainable solutions that can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure. We consider the knowledge and skills of people in our design to ensure that first responders are locally-based.

What sets us apart from the others is our products are tailored to the land. Giving you a system built for you and your unique situation.




We specialize in atmospheric water harvesting solutions, technology and storage management in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

We are the leading supplier and installer of bespoke, off the shelf skylights, sun tunnels, domes and safety products.


Solar, hybrid and naturally wind-driven vents, alter temperatures in living and working environments. We employ leading decentralized HVAC tech like solar air.

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Our designed solutions are modular, portable and low-maintenance alternatives based on available and potentially unskilled workforces. 

Sustainable Energy

Our approach to energy is relocatable, easily-deployed and able to be maintained with local resources: people and materials.

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