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Nga Pu Toru

The Nga Pu Toru (Tap root) initiative is based on understanding

geographic climate risk, a holistic view of life, and
our joined connections to the land. It uses the essential elements and people to solve and prepare us to adapt to the effects of climate change. Nga Pu Toru is the regional name for a grouping of islands where my father grew up. How a resource shortage created a voyage between islands which quite literally changed his name  and life. This story inspired, sent me on a journey to answer the question of how our villages/communities go on to survive facing overwhelming odds. How can we get communities to prosper, rather than accept the outcome of displacement?

Dad, this is for you:

Water from the air we breathe, from which life springs.
Wind in the sky to combat extreme heat.
Light for energy, well being and life.

Everything is needed, connected and required for life to flourish.
Our mission is that our products and services can be the bedrock of building our
villages, in doing so reshaping our localized infrastructure and enabling
communities to be connected, self-sufficient, independent and resilient.

Prepared for the storms to come.
Meitaki Nui

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