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Early Warning Systems

Unexpected floods severely impact your business. From your supply chain to the distribution network for your products, the disruption caused by floods is immense. There are solutions available now to protect your company, properties, business park, and factories but unless you take action to protect yourself,  flooding and loss will still happen.

GLOFFIS provides forecasts so you can take pre-emptive action and prevent losses. The forecasts can be integrated in your existing risk management systems. GLOFFIS is operated by Deltares, the Dutch national R&D institution for water management. With this you can predict with extreme accuracy potential calamities that will harm you . Deltares is a world leader in flood plain management whose software and studies are used around the world. We at Dutch Water Prevention can bring this to you.

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FloodAlert is the ideal, realtime, early flood warning system for single or multiple properties at risk from flooding and not covered by the Environment Agency flood warning service.

FloodAlert posts can be strategically located to give maximum warning to properties at risk, allowing for evasive action to be taken.

Easy to install and set up, the sensor-equipped posts transmit warnings and real-time monitoring of groundwater, surface water and watercourse levels to a cloud-based portal, accessible from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop cmputer connected to the internet, with no necessity for special software.

FloodAlert uses a robust, ultrasonic LoRaWAN level sensor and integrated radio, encased in a recycled, watertight and shatter-resistant outer casing, ensuring consistent reliability. Posts can be installed up to 10 kilometres (15 kilometres in some cases) from a gateway and each gateway can connect to an unlimited number of users.

Applications of FloodAlert

Andel FloodAlert is the ideal early warning system for single and multiple properties at risk of flooding through rising groundwater, service water and water course flood events. The following sensors may be connected via wireless LoRaWAN network. 

Rising ground water flooding

Andel FloodAlert posts may be buried up to 5-meter deep to allow groundwater to enter the post through the rows of holes – allowing the groundwater level can be monitored by the sensor. Groundwater beyond 5-meter depth can monitored using a pressure sensor.

Rising service water flooding

Andel FloodAlert posts stand alone and are buried 0.5-meter below ground, standing 1-meter above ground to monitor a rise is service water flooding.

Rising water in watercourses

Andel FloodAlert posts are anchored to the wall of the watercourse to monitor and alert on water rising.

Rising water in gullies and attenuation tanks

Andel FloodAlert sensors are fitted near the top of the gully and attenuation tank to monitor and alert the water rising (capacity).

Rain Gauges

Rain gauges are connected to the system to collect rainfall data for a specific area. This information can be used for risk modelling.

Soil Moisture

Soil moisture sensors are connected to the system to collect information about saturation of surrounding fields. This information can be used for risk modelling.

Benefits at a glance

FloodAlert posts are equipped with water level sensors and are easy to install and set up.

Sustainable, cost-effective, real-time local flood alert system for properties at risk of flooding through rising groundwater, surface water and watercourses.

Live monitoring on a cloud-based portal, accessible via any device connected to the internet.

Tracks rising water levels for up to 10 kilometres+ from a gateway.

Communicates with an unlimited number of users.

Robust and reliable.

Three alert levels, tailored to each installation.

Sends out SMS and email flood alert notifications to allow for timely action to protect properties.

Communication via a low-power LoRaWAN® network.

Multiple posts can connect to form a network for flood risk hotspots.


Blik Sensing

Blik Sensing provides unparalleled insights in the ground water table, with capabilities to monitor both water level and temperature it is the ideal solution to measure in any well up to 700 ft deep. 

Blik Sensing groundwater monitoring provides real-time data to allow decision makers to act swiftly while the 8 year long lifespan of a single battery allows hydrologists to easily build up a long time series for trend analysis.

Compact and able to be installed in virtually any well, the sensor is operational within just a few minutes. The collected sensor data is both stored in the devices as well as wirelessly transmitted every hour for maximum data security. The reliable, low-power and long range LoraWAN telecommunications system is used to transmit the data. Using gateways to provide coverage, the sensors can be installed up to 10 kilometres (15 kilometres in some cases) from a gateway. 

The system is built to be ultra-reliable and low maintenance: automatic data validation guarantees reliable data, while the system is also completely water-proof for up to 72 hours. The end-user experiences a true turn-key solution with all installation and operational maintenance taken care of using data guarantee service plans*.

* Depending on local availability

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